Protect your workforce.  Protect your customers. Protect your business with HealthyScreen -- the AI-powered bot that monitors your team’s health every day.

Get Your Team Back To Work Safely



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Create a Safer Workplace

Many states and localities have mandated policies that require you to monitor and report on your workforce's daily health status. Just to stay open, you may even need to show you are tracking your employees health every day. 



Senior Housing*

Service Sector

First Responders




* Includes Skilled Nursing Facilities, Independent Living, and Assisted Living Communities

Simple Pricing

Simple per enrolled employee per month pricing model. With HealthyScreen you get an AI-based Bot designed to keep your team working with confidence. The Bot provides easy reporting to show your customers that you have a strong monitoring solution in place so they can rest easy as they do business with you. Everyday your team will get a survey they must complete. And you will be notified of anyone who expresses risk factors for Covid-19.  HealthyScreen can be customized to meet your needs.

HealthyScreen Helps You Stay Productive

You are ready to come back to work, but how do you know if your team is returning to work healthy? What screening policy have you put in place to ensure your team is safe and feels confident showing up to do business? HealthyScreen users appreciate:

Demonstrate compliance with local mandates and policies


Simplify the screening process to verify your business status



Know the health of your team before they come to work 


Give your team confidence that they are working in a healthy environment

Survey can be completed from your mobile phone in less than a minute


Daily survey polling keeps COVID-19 prevention top of mind 


Safeguard Your Operations With HealthyScreen

Know who your at-risk workers are before they step through the doors of your business. Start surveying your team tomorrow.

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